When I was appointed in 2009

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Cheap Celine How Sad It Is: If the internet were into The Last Five Years the way it was into True Detective, there would be a billion comment threads about the decision to change the opening lyric “I’m climbing uphill, daddy” to “I’m climbing uphill, Jamie.” This is a fairly momentous change, in all honesty, as it changes what I read as the show’s implication that Cathy is opening up to her parents instead of her husband about her frustrations (which feeds into a sort of sense that she’s a bit . Needy and not fully grown up) into an implication in the film that she’s being very open with Jamie about how she feels which he will later claim she doesn’t do. There are a few strong thumbs on the scale of the movie that seem to me designed to build sympathy for her at his expense, and this is one of them Cheap Celine.

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