Short selling is a common way for hedge funds and other

And the Liberals have already demonstrated how they really feel about having to scrupulously stick to facts. We used to have a law passed by Liberal premier Dalton McGuinty in 2004 that forced taxpayer funded government advertising to be used only for public service information campaigns. The auditor general could halt government ads whose primary purpose was obviously self promotion of the governing party..

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Replica Prada Handbags “They are betting against aluminum as a proxy for betting against the global economy,” Klaus Kleinfeld said this week, warning of “very offensive short selling going on by speculators.””I can’t say I haven’t seen it, I have seen sizeable short selling Cheap Prada handbags, but I don’t know if it’s significant enough to justify what he said,” a London metals trader said.Short selling is a common way for hedge funds and other investors to bet on falling commodities or shares prices.Benchmark three month aluminum on the London Metal Exchange has fallen more than 16 percent since July.At the same time, open interest the number of outstanding contracts in aluminum has been rising steadily with a burst higher from around mid September, partly indicating that investors are taking short positions on the prospect that prices will fall further.Analysts and traders say this shows many smaller short positions held by a wide variety of investors.”Open interest is very high, while it’s been rising prices have come off, but we don’t think it’s one person, we think there are a few shorts on aluminum,” a second trader said.”They’d better be quick about taking profits pradasoutletcheap Cheap Prada handbags,” he added. “Prices are already near the marginal cost of production. If they all try to cover their shorts at the same time, the spike up is going to be huge.”A short position on the LME is not necessarily speculative; producers also take positions. Replica Prada Handbags

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