Because of heavy use my S4s kept breaking

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Cheap Canada Goose Outlet I also owned them for a long time and they great for their price, but if any of you guys who liked them want to “upgrade” to some better earphones, I have a tip for you.Because of heavy use my S4s kept breaking, even though I took relatively good care of them, and I wanted to upgrade to a better pair of in ears. After doing a lot of research, since I didn have unlimited money to spend on just some headphones, I got the for about $250.They similar to the S4s in that they far better than what their price would imply. They also very sturdy I been using them for about 1 year now and nothing on them is scratched or broken; all other in ears I had only held up for about 6 months.Also, they come with a shitload of different tips: silicone and foam in lots of sizes and variants.I was skeptical at first about that over ear setup you have to wear them with, but it so much better than just letting them hang Cheap Canada Goose Outlet.

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