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A statement from Indian Point owner Entergy said, number of bolts to be replaced at Unit 3 this year is consistent with the number of bolts that were replaced last year at Unit 2. Independent engineering experts concluded both Indian Point units operated safely and that the baffle bolts in both units performed their intended function at all times while the plants were running, as expected based on the comprehensive analysis conducted last year. Riverkeeper has been in the lead along with the governor to close down the facilities..

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wholesale nfl jerseys from china However, if these mistakes are made on Twitter or other social media, they are far more devastating. A stray or incorrect comment can be deleted but will forever remain on the web. No sub can save you from the perils of social media. Although our local teams didn’t make it to the show, the local bars are still jumping into the festivities, with drink specials, free buffets and much more. A word to the wise: because of the lack of local teams, most places were still figuring out their plans and specials as of this writing. Call ahead if you’re die hard for a certain place, just to make sure you aren’t disappointed.. wholesale nfl jerseys from china

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